Java Explorer and Scanner for Removing Pendrive Viruses.

Project Name:
Open Source Explorer cum Environment
4.0.0 Final
Release Date: October 12, 2009

BlueX is an Open Source Java based Explorer cum Environment so that removable drives viruses can be detected. Since it works in the JVM memory so there is no threat from Autorun viruses as they will not be activated.

Secondly it has been backed up with several tools:
-Fully Customizable
-Automatic Scanning
-Full furnished explorer with copying, deleteing and many more other features
-Advanced File Searching
-It provides plugin based environment so that multiple plugins can be installed
-Automatic updations (Proxy setting enabled)
-Plugin Management
-Exception Management
-Intellegent Threading Mechanism
-Favorites Management
-All new Help Center
-and many more..

If you do not have the JRE 1.6 installed on your computer then click here to get it. Download the appropriate file as per your operating system.
Here is the download page: Download BlueX Binaries

Platform What to download?
Windows Platform BlueX.msi
Linux, MAC and Solaris Platform

Hardware Requirement: Runs on almost every computer
Software Requirement: It may require JRE 1.6 (download JRE)

Non Mandatory Requirement:
If you want to remove viruses from the pendrive then the system should be free from any viruses, so be sure if you want to use this software as virus processing your system must be virus free.

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